Sample connection # 2

It's time to spot samples and show off.

If you'd be in a dj collective like mine, you'd know that threeways are a lot of fun. Here's a threefold sample connection, where a sampling song gets in turn sampled.

Co-produced by the great Kashif BTW. It gave the the basic hook for this little Janet Jackson number:

It's really a surprisingly fine dancefloor tune, even though Janet's not considered to be one of the serious female singers around. It was released on Damita Jo, amidst all the "Superbowl & nipple"- controversy. Anyway, it was in turn sampled by the classy Mark E (whose hypnotic mixes are well worth checking too, like this one)

Mark E - R'n'B Drunkie

"I feel like pumping 2 some old school funk". Goes to prove that just one loop is all you need, if you know your stuff. Just feel how this songs keeps on growing, so good. Mark my words, Mark E has some serious edits and songs in his back pocket just waiting to be published - you'll hear a lot more from him in a few years.

- P-Funk

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