Sumthing for Saturday

All week, no posts - sorry for that. I just got a new laptop in exchange for the one that crashed completely two months. It means I can finally do all the computer stuff without too much a hustle.

One of the first things I wanted to do was a Disko WTF?!-playlist for Spotify. So, for your casual listening pleasure, here's some 50 tunes I picked as my current favorites:


I try to keep it up to date with all the new discoveries we find on Spotify. Of course, I'll be posting a lot of quality songs here as well.

Jumping on subjects: Tonight's gonna be the last time the very talented Powerpoint Boys are having a club in Turku, at least for a while. It's happening from 22 onwards in Blanko. If you don't know who the Powerpoint Boys are, you should definately check out tonight and their blog. Some of my fondest clubbing memories are from their impeccable sets, so don't miss out - mixmasters Antti and Juuso definately got their shit together.

Here's the poster. You can bring your own Powerpoint presentation there as well. C U all around.

- P-Funk

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