Get it, it's Edit!

We have some nice & nasty edits available as a tight .zip package for you.
it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?iujjmzgwwzz

The package contains 4 Disko WTF?! tracks in 320kb/s .mp3 format, great for jogging even better for club use!

- Pieces of Nina, seven minute as-straight-as-it-gets edit of a certain Finnish hit song...
- Hyvää, hyvää pintaa. Props to those who can identify the two tracks used here as the basis for the edit.
- Play wit body, Silk ripoff, peculiar and foggy.
- Maailma tunteeton, the 9-minute Jeesus Kristus rocker, has already gained some club play here and there. Mostly here, *sob*.

this just in a demo of something that might turn into a decent edit soon. B-eyed Peas vs. Daft Punk vs. Disko WTF?!

Check out myspace.com/akahiljane for more left-field randomness.

AND ONE MORE BONUS: Fredi - Se outoa on. Sad and haunting love story collided with Space's Magic Fly instrumental. Genius.

Peace out,

who stopped playing DJ gigs, concentrating the production side of things here at

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