It's still a disco thing

Wow, I just came back from Helsinki. Me and Ripatti did a gig there, rocking ground floor of Restaurant Nude with some old school disco picks mixed with newer disco-ish stuff. A big shout out to House not House-dudes, who handled the upstairs with a defo selection of vocal house.

I've been feeling a lot of the older disco stuff lately. The more I listen to it, the more I feel it, and feel like understanding it. Coming from a pop/rock listening background, I'm more used to focus on certain elements of songs: narrative lyrics and main melody.

A good disco song kinda plays out differently.

It's more of a continuous movement where different instruments work together to play with the basic foundation of the rhythm. You know that feeling when you feel like the song/night should never stop? Like there's constantly new details adding and substracting to the beat, and it all feels so good.

I mean, listen to this song with good headphones. Check how many uplifting details there are. How can you not feel like "keeping on jumping / till you see the sun in the sky"?

Simply one of the best dance songs ever.

- P-Funk

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