Mix Week: Saturday

Second one in the row. I might have to cut the crap short with this one, I have to run soon.

I guess you can approach dj'ing in many ways, but for me it has always been about sharing music to listeners, be it in a club or via radiowaves. And I have always been more drawn towards dj's that are music fans first and performers second. To each his own, people probably get amazing kicks out of superstar dj's playing their own tracks, and I'm not the one to judge that. But for me, the dj's who hook me up with amazing songs/artist and make a personal interpretation of those for me, are number one.

Maybe the embodiment of this aspect is Dam-Funk. He's an original artist, publishing songs via Stones Throw and a dj specializing in 80's boogie funk. Both sides of his artistry are about channeling the spirit of 80's laidback, yet funky boogie.

The following radio mix has to be the mix I've listened the most this year. I got totally into the vibe and music he was trying to do. I actually tried to hook him up for an interview, but he never got back to me... So, I was both disappointed and glad to see that he's been covered in the time between then and now by almost every big urban music magazine in USA, from Fader to XLR8R. (I'll fix you up with a definite list of Dam-Funk interviews tomorrow.) Dammit, I could have easily broke him here! But it's all good, he's getting the attention he deserves.

Tracklist (scroll down)

What makes this mix great? In one word, love.

He's not really mixing the tracks, rocking the decks or anything. But he's introducing us to a musical genre he has loved, cherished and will continue to love. I'd say you can hear that enthusiasism for his favorite music from his voice when he announces every track he's dug from the crates - and not Internet, he does only vinyl - and you can definately see that when he's playing this music:

Dam-Funk at Deviation Sessions 1st Birthday Party, London. from Deviation on Vimeo.

We do need people like him to keep music alive. You'd think that in the age of Internet you'd bump into great music eventually, but that ain't so. You need enthusiastic dj's who love their music to connect it to the people and keep it from getting forgotten. And from the Dam-funk-case we see how much a one person can do, we are witnessing a revival of sorts after the 80s was considered merely a joke with funny hair and campy clothes.

It's silly talk, I know, but what can I say? Dam-Funk is an inspiration, and he channels inspiration for his music.

And yeah, for the Finnish funksters, here's a few good blogs/local heroes who emphasize on boogie funk also. (If I missed someone, hit me at comments!)

Gimme The Dance
Kojak Giant Sounds (altought he does a lot of disco/soul too)
Aboogie (they just started)

Tomorrow I'll finish the Mix Week with some smoothness. For the ladies and lover guys out there.

- P-Funk


  1. Much luv my friend. Hit me up again. I got you, Take care & all the best 2 U and my peepz who are supporting what I'm doing in your area. Peace. - D-F

  2. And, you can erase the comment I left on the Juan McLean post. That was an accident. I meant to leave my comment for you here. L8R. - D-F / Damon (L.A.)

  3. Thanks, means a lot. I'll hit you up again, after I get in touch with my editor in chief. Take care and keep on keeping on - P-Funk