And now for something completely different

I stumbled on some old French Girl Pop I used to really used to dig before I went to France as an exchange student. That's like 2 years from now. Now that I think of it, I've always been really fond of girls singing something else than the usual popstar/diva nonsense. Of course, one part of it must be this curiousity with the forbidden world for us with cocks, one part might be nostalgia for the lost innocence (of pop, too). Anyway, for me these tunes are pretty much the definition of good, condensed and infectous pop. I get way more out of these in terms of youthful energy than I could from punk or something alike. And the lyrics tend to be quite clever, and sassy.

Let's take the memory lane with some good tunes, ye-ye style.

From 68'. Love the melody, one of the best.

"You shouldn't cross where the cat has walked".

Great guitar work. I think this a cover of something, but don't know what.

Now I feel I should go ahead and dig some more of this stuff. I anyone knows a good compilation/site/blog, I would defo appreciate.

- P-Funk

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