Bounce Camp

This dude shouldn't really need any promo bumping, but people seem to sleep on him. Mr. Bounce Camp aka Sampo Hänninen was responsible for one of the biggest tunes of the year before last year (what, is that yesteryear?) - Big Dancing. Still, I haven't seen too many dj's feature these two killers:

Love the vocals. Dude has a good sense of style and humor.

Umm, maybe this didn't come out at all.

Good Beat should drop soon, with plenty of remixes. I got the promo version a while back, so it shouldn't be too long.

- P-Funk


  1. good beat was the feel good hit of last summer, but are they releasing it on vinyl now? sure hope so.


  2. Dunno. It might just be mp3/wav-release. I didn't get promo from the man himself, and it didn't have release info.