News and upcoming gigs

A quick update on the DWTF-stuff happening around Turku:

- Next Friday @ Bar Kuka: Ripatti & Pefletto play some nice, easy going and cozy records people probably don't know yet. We haven't decided exactly what to play, but this one's on constant replay.

- 27th of February: DWTF 1 year-megabash @ Dynamo. We are officially turning 1 year-old. We will put a great show for everyone, hopefully with some cool guests, dope atmosphere and some freebies to thank people who have supported us during this year. Dope records will be played too. If you have good ideas about who to book, holla at us.

- 5th of March: Two free documentaries on electronic music, a cheap Mesak-live gig and 3-4 dj's will entertain you at Turun Klubi. I'll info on this one later, but you can mark your calendars already.

And lastly, I'm going to start my own radio show "Diskonservatorio" on Zoom FM the next week. It's only a local station with no internet streaming possibilities, but I will tape and upload all the interviews I'll do. The purpose of that show is to give a chance for all the dj's around Turku to come and explain about their craft, and on the second hour, to give good tips on dj-friendly records I think are worth getting. So it's not gonna be all Disco or anything, but mostly about different aspects of dj'ing. If you're a starting dj, or interested in it, it'll definitely cater for you. More info later on.

Have a good and productive week.
- P-Funk

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