Radio show tomorrow + few MUST-listen mixes

I'm busybusybusy again. Anyways, tomorrow I'm starting my Diskonservatorio radio show which is concentrating on dj's around Turku, my hometown. So tune in at 21 to Zoom FM (93.4). It's every other Thursday, and I'll start taping the interviews the next time - not tomorrow.

Tomorrow's guest is Ripatti, which probably wrong in so many levels of journalistic ethics. And my mind is saying no, but my body, my body... The guest I had asked firstly is sick, so I decided to take the easy option. This gives me chance to do my radio mistakes now and save the good stuff for later, when I get the proper equipment to tape the interviews - my microphone/tape recorder is still on it's way somewhere between Finland and Germany.

Jumping on subjects, here's a few nice mixes I've discovered lately. The first one is a mix of mostly edits from Schmami, I've already hyped about earlier. The second one is nasty roboerotic techno mix from Pepeto, who is also Finnish and gets my bigups from his many other mixes too.

Schmami - Eurolax

The Fog (Schmami edit)
Meeren (Schmami edit)
The Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
Max Berlin's - She And I
Ariel (Schmami edit)
Bagarre - For Your Pleasure
Rockets - Astral World
Karusel (Schmami edit)
Täysikuu (Schmami edit)
Mandixxx (Schmami edit)

Pepeto - Pimp Robot

01. Dynamik Bass System - Arabian Dreams
02. Computor Rockers - Computor Interface (USB 2.0)
03. Ozone Layer - Planetary Deterioration (Anthony Rother 1999 Remix)
04. Bijou - Robodisco
05. X-Men - The X-men
06. Luke Eargoggle - Motivated Nation
07. Lizard - This Is Sound
08. Sync 24 - It's A Soft Slip
09. UR - Electronic Warfare
10. Exzakt - Citi Of Bass
11. Anthony Rother - Die Macht
12. Imatran Voima - Techno Slut (Exzakt vs. DBS Mix)
13. Blastromen - Blasteroids
14. Matt Whitehead - Conveyor
15. Alexis Tyrel - Have A Plan, Stick To It

Take care and put the 27th to your calendars. We have some amazing guests lined up.

- P-Funk

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