Finnish disco por favor

I'm real happy again about our forthcoming night and our guest. (27th this month at Dynamo UP) This time we are dedicating a big part of the night to discovering Finnish disco and dance music in it's blazing gloriousness. Our international fans might not know a lot about our own take on disco music, so I've compiled some links for your educational purposes. A lot of the tunes sound familiar, and that's because they are; about 90% of the good songs are cover versions of foreign tunes with Finnish (usually quite incredibly funny) lyrics.

I think you all recognize the original for this:

Anyways, here's a list for three mixes from our guest, Disco Urse. They have rightly rosen to cult status - you can't find these songs from internet, you just have to dig in deep at various flea markets. Disco Urse has other mixes on the net as well, from other types of music. Well worth your time too. But here are the Finnish disco mixes:

Synteettinen Suomi I
Synteettinen Suomi II
Synteettinen Suomi III

Oh yeah, here's the link for the FB-event. Don't miss, it's the 27th of this month.

- P-Funk

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