Gigs, gigs, gigs

A lot of stuff happening around Turku, and thankfully we are doing our part in making the nightlife a bit more interesting. Here's a list for the Turku people of partys we are playing in the next week or so:

01.04.2010 I believe I can fly w/ Ripatti & Peffis @ Dynamo Up
02.04.2010 I believe I can land w/ Ripatti & Pefletto Funk @ Cup & Pint
07.04.2010 DWTF @ Realisti 2010 (Club Syke)

You can click on the events and get more info on each one. A good week to get down. If you want to warm up for all of these you can either check out our latest mix or our updated Spotify-list. Lots of goodies there.

All the best for all of you.
- P-Funk

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