Tomorrow we disco Finnish style...

...but today we educate ourselves a little. I'm working like a horse, so I'll just give shout outs where shouts outs should go to.

Plauge collective from Tampere (Manchester of Finland, they say) are a group of dj's I've bumped into lately. They have a nice blog section called 'Dance Classics' running down dance music history and explaining the essentials, kudos for putting the effort for educating people!

Check out all the Plauge-action here.

And here's something to wet the appetites for tomorrow:

Hiihtopipo and Kavallus are local dj/radio legends who specialize in funk and gangsta rap. Their show is worth mentioning today because their Finnish specials are a real treasure for us crate diggers of Finnish music. You can listen to their shows on Bassoradio or as recordings here.

If you haven't yet found our guest dj's radio show, go ahead and do some exploring. And Disco Urse also put out another, not-Finnish-related mix. Check it out here.

Oh yeah, here's the FB-event for tomorrow if you haven't noticed yet. I'm feeling this is gonna be superfun.

- P-Funk

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