I'm still on a buzz from last weekends Turku Modern experience. Big fun indeed, good gigs all around. Got a chance to meet with a lot of older dj's I've looked up to for years and even play with a few of them.

We had to change our game plan last Friday for our gig, so we started out with some easier disco and tried to work it up from there. Here's the songs we played:

* Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra - Beginning Of The Heartbreak
* Joubert Singers - Stand on the word
* NYCC - I'll keep a light in my window
* Number One Ensemble - Back to Heaven
* Senay - Honki Ponki (Baris K Edit)
* Par-Tay Edits - Go boogie
* Toure Kunda - Salaly Mohammed
* Shotgun edits - Berro E Sombarro
* Gary's Gang - Do it at the disco
* Loose Joints - Tell you today
* Roland Clarke - Get deep (a Leo Zero re-edit)
*  T and K - Mucho swash 
* Jamie Principle - Baby wants to ride (Swemix)
* James Chance & The contortions - Incorrigible (Liv Spencer & DJ Spun Mix)
* LCD Soundsystem - Bye bye bayou
* Tuccillo - This Time
* Voices Of Life feat. Sharon Pass - Word Is Love (Mercury Edit)
* Lindstrom & Christabelle - Baby can't stop (Aeroplane remix)
* Chas Jankel - Glad to know you (Todd Terje re-edit)
* Hungry Ghost - Illuminations

Good selection of what we pretty much are made of, even though we didn't quite hit the best mixing gear...

- P-Funk

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