Next 4 years

Election day was yesterday. Two-fold political history was made; True/basic Finns bumped to a historical height and Centralist-Right Wing party won their first election. Weird combination. One party that knows best how to campaign and pitch candidates and another one that's comical in their lack of style but still are able to talk to huge amounts of voters.

The next 4 years will be interesting. I doubt we would see a lot of changes, though. At least not in the scale people I know are afraid of. Here's my reason for not going drama queen on this: I'd guess the political system is so complex that even this big a bunch of newbies could make a real revolution without the knowhow and connections that older parties have to experts, labor unions, business organizations, lobbers, media and so on. Those networks are where a lot of the actual power is.

Still, I have to admit I'm pretty bummed about the share of ex-athletes and other celebrities in the mix. I love sports but being good at one doesn't add up in my books to being able make general, intellectually and scientifically accurate decisions that are good for the whole of society. Not saying they're necessarily exclusive, either.

Anyway, I hope you voted.

"The times have come in these lands,
when the lion must lay down with the lamb
brothers and sisters!
live side by side, hold on to love
let it's light be your guide"

- Peffis

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