"Ain't a problem I can't fix, cuz I can do it in the mix"

If you're a dj, online mixes are like your calling cards. It's pretty much consensus of everyone in the dj community these are the best way to show your talent in picking awesome tunes and putting them together so they make more sense together than apart. They're also a great justification to the claim that dj's do their best to present music you wouldn't hear on radio or tv.

They also provide a pretty good learning experience, when you have to go through your records and try them together. After a while you can look back and proudly listen what moved you then when you had made a mix.

Here's THREE masterpieces of a mix. All of them have spent weeks and months in my mp3 player. All of them are also downloadable, so you can have fun with them while biking or doing some other summer outdoor activity.

DJ Anonymous: Disco #5 (2010) by DJ Anonymous

Everyone in Finnish dj scene knows dj Anonymous. He's a dj legend, great blogger and the go to guy of Helsinki when you need wisdom on good music and it's history. Here's my absolute favorite mix from him. It's generally a bit difficult to mix disco smoothly together, but this mix draws the lines from different records out of different eras and countries. Some of these records are so rare I'll probably never hear them in a different context, but they work so well here I don't mind that much.

LEXX - Live-DJ-Set@BoutiqueHostalSalinasIbiza by Zukunft

The second one comes from Swiss dj and producer called Lexx. You can take and learn so much from this balearic and sunny mix. It's not really beatmixed together at all, but still it's seamless in atmosphere and feeling. After I heard this mix I rushed to cop at least five of these tracks.


The last one is a bit of a contrary to the sunny and beachy atmosphere Lexx's mix. It's Johnny Jewel and Mike Simonetti of Italians do it better fame. This one's really classy affair too. Not so much obscure findings, but household records just played a bit slower or edited a little. These records make so much sense together, they paint a whole stylistic picture of nightlife in town.

So whats your favorite mixes?

- P-Funk


  1. Ootko perillä ton albuterol miksauksen kappale listasta? siellä olis muutama itselle ennalta tuntematon artisti/kappale jotka olis kyl kiinostava saada tietoon.

  2. Sori et kesti vastailu!

    1/ Ace Freahley - NY Groove
    2/ Vastkustska Ryggdunkallskapet - Town Out Of Order
    3/ Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street
    4/ That Thing - That Thing
    5/ BB Band - All Night Long
    6/ Pink Project - Disco Project
    7/ Lady Midnight - Halloween
    8/ Tony Humphrey - Easy Street joint
    9/ Hot Chocolate - I Just Love What Youre Doing
    10/ Alides Hidding - Hollywood Seven

  3. Tää oli kans vissiin jossain välissä: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QxCELkPSvE

  4. Hei tattista.

    ton Hot Chocolaten kans oon paininut täs pidemmän aikaa. Kirjotin sanat ylös ja googletin niin vastuksiksi tuli vaan joku sata DJ Harveyn bile mainosta eri dj foorumeilla mihin oli kirjotettu alku tagisi ton biisin ekat lainit, mut biisiä ei mainittu missään ;)