Party triathlon

Still recovering from last weekend at Flow (and from a nasty flu). Let's hope for a speedy recovery since we have a three days of DWTF activity ahead. Party triathlon if you will.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we have U-lympialaiset, a completely new set of outdoor activity near Kioski. Come there and listen to the music and try to top the scores in 6 games.

Here's the facebook for that. Completely free, loads of good artists/djs and funny games.

Then Friday we have the more pop-oriented gig at Bar Kuka where Yellowbrenda will charm us with their live set. We've had a good run of poppy easylistening nights there, so I'm expecting it'll work like jam on toast.

Facebook yourself here.

Then to top it all of on Saturday, we have our own night at Dynamo. Disko goodness all night long. Reserve places for yourselves here. I'll definitely play this Danny Krivit edit there:

If I see someone doing the full routine from Thursday to Saturday with us, I'll offer him/her a beer or something nice. We have much <3 for our hardcore fans. - Peffis

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