Italians do it better

Italians do it better is something more than just what used to read in Madonna's t-shirt in the 80's. It's also one of the most stylistic and focused indie "dance" labels around. Their bands were one of those new acts we all liked when we started DWTF in 2009.

A recent RA article talks with the label manager Mike Simonetti and goes a bit into the history of the label. I recommend you check that out for a quick recap of his story and musical taste.

Even more importantly, I recommend taking a look on Simonetti's and Glass Candy's Johnny Jewel's Soundcloud pages.

Mike has loads of edits he's done there for download in a hi-res format. None of the usual crappy disco mutilations that are called edits, but instead wisely picked songs that are given little edit qualities. Here's a sample one.

SPREAD YA WINGS - Mike Simonetti edit by mike simonetti

Johnny Jewel on the other hand gives out - I kinda wonder why - loads of IDIB instrumentals for free as WAV's. I have always had twofold attitude towards Glass Candy's lead singer, so these instrumentals really hit the spot for me. Just amazingly beautiful stuff, like this one:


Picture listening these while you're driving, at the moment when the night hits the town and the streets are all rainy and neon lights lit up. I really should play these more often.

- Peffis

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