3 pieces of Disco criticisms I'd dance to

Disco wasn't - and still isn't - everyone's cup of tea. Even I don't think all of it is great. Here's 3 songs that work as examples of good type of criticism - not like the one based on prejudices and lack of understanding of music - directed towards the disco phenomenon in the late 70's.

1. The Tubes - Slipped My Disco

This one's basically a story about a white guy who tries to dance too much and slips his spinal disc. It's pretty fun, funky and, well, quite danceable. I spotted this one from dj Strangefruit set from Beats in Space.

2. Mother's Finest - Dis Go Dis Way Dis Go Dat Way

One hell of a rolling, rocking disco jam that exemplifies how a dance song should sound like while poking fun at disco. Love every minute of it. BTW, it was also edited by Harvey.

3. Funkadelic - Undisco Kidd

For me, George Clinton is one of the most artistic people of last century. It's well known he didn't dig the rhythmic patterns of disco and he did something productive about it - a whole alternative funky universe to challenge the unoriginal and mechanic disco beat.


A Finnish funky jam as a bonus, legendary Juice Leskinen doing a weird take on black music. The spoken word making fun of disco chit chat at 2:00 is superb.

- Peffis

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