It's a disko thing

I think we need an intro.

Me, Ripatti Labelle and Akahiljane started dj'ing together early this year. Back then, we we're thrown right in the middle of playing together - we actually had our first Dynamo gig scheduled before coming up with our name or before really knowing our respective musical tastes. We are all coming from a different musical tastes and we needed a concept to hold us together.

We did find a common nominator: an idea of disco. Not really the glitzy disco music associated with Abba and Beegees, but the idea of bringing together different kinds of good, danceable music from different genres and making it work. Maybe even the idea of bringing different people together, too.

For me, dj'ing was a form of music fanaticism, a way of giving shout outs and praise to music I loved. It's all about the feeling that you have when you find a song that evokes so much feelings that you just have to share it with everyone in the world. (We all also work as music journalists/critics, Kimmo does audioart)

This blog is a continuation of the same thing. We are gonna post some favorite tracks that aren't getting enuff attention, at least in metal-oriented Finland. We are gonna feature some good dj mixes that showcase the way great dj's approach mixing and building an atmosphere. (There's quite a few in Finland, hopefully we can give some shoutouts to them as well) And we're giving you some extra information (such as sample spotting and documentaries) if you feel like going even deeper with our eclectic discoveries. Of course, all our own mixtapes, edits and info on gigs will be posted here also.

With the easy age of Internet, it would feel like a silly thing to keep all this lovely music just to ourselves, wouldn't it? Feel free to comment, feel free to spread your own favorites also. Myös suomeksi!

- P-Funk

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