We do reminisce over you

I heard Michael Jackson had passed away this morning. I never really had a personal relationship to his music, maybe because I was mostly brought up with 90's metal and indie. Back then he had already started to become the target for cheap late night comedians to pick upon. I always felt really sorry for the way the tide and general opinion turned again him - after he'd given us some of the finest music in his youth (and basically sacrificed his normal life for entertaining us), he was suddenly treated as only a freak.

So, I really don't know enough about MJ to give a proper rundown of his best work. But I do know this blog (which is in Finnish), which runs through the best 100 MJ songs. It's a good selection with links to his music and one of the best music journalism I've encountered. Do check that out, it's definately worth your time.

Kudos to Juuso for pointing me that blog out a while back.

- P-Funk

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