Atmosphere leaks

I always forget how much I like rap. Since I've been focusing a lot on the 12 inch dance tunes that work on the dance floor, I haven't had the time to delve into the hiphop domain as much as I would have wanted to. But everytime I bump into the real good shit, I remember how much I love the elements of rap: how a good MC keeps you entertained every second he raps, how he uses language so skillfully and in so many ways, and how a great producer keeps things constantly interested with just a few samples and drums. It just feels a really condensated, demanding art form - it's no wonder that it's definately one of the most competitive ones.

For me, Atmoshpere have always been one of the best storytelling groups around. My last-fm account tells it all, their Strictly Leakage was the most played out record in my mp3-library. So I was real happy to hear that they released another free record. Cop them here: Strictly Leakage and Leak at Will.

If my word don't convince you enough, here's Atmoshpere's take on the classic diss subject:

I do love rap also because it's pretty much only music style where dissing is allowed and every one just isn't "respectin each others work".

- P-Funk

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