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I listen to a lot - and I really mean it - a lot of dj-mixes. Once in a while I bump into a one that definately stands out from the rest. Here's a few that have made a big impact on this young heart of mine.


It's a Finnish duo from Jyväskylä, I believe. Pretty much all of their mixes have been nothing short of brilliant. Great mixing, amazing tracks and most of them I hadn't even heard of before. I'm going through the phase when early 80's synthetic stuff is really working for me. Goddammit it's so smooth. And do these mixes really hit the spot - definately! You can find them on the facebook as well.

Maxi Discs Mix

Pete Herbert is one of the top cats in the nu-disco craze. His work can be found under different projects from Reverso 68 to LSB. He's definately worth checking out, as both producer and as a dj. (Psst. remember to cop the "Yo Drums" 12 inch) Here's a mix the did for the little treasure vault known as coolinthepool. How do you know a great dj - he keeps on the vibe and builts on it. I just love how this Disco Deviance track sums up the atmosphere at just the right moment at me mix - when I heard it, I just said to myself: "well what you know, it's true, everybody's really is dancing and having a real good time".

The last one is one by the great British Greg Wilson, one of biggest dj's in England in the late 70's and early 80's and the first one to mix records live in the British television. He stopped dj'ing in the mid 80's, but the few last years he's been feeling a whole new revival - a bit like disco music in general. The form of course has changed a bit and lots of disco records are edits of the older ones. But still, it does feel like the disco might just not be that dead after all. And Greg Wilson's essential mix is the perfect example. Countless classics tracks, it just shows how it's still so relevant. Do check out also Wilson's website: http://www.electrofunkroots.co.uk/. It has in depth articles, charts, mixes and so forth. A good place to dig for some classic disco, funk, electro.

Keep on mixin' in a free world.
- P-Funk

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