Make my funk the P-Funk

The pics from last Saturday are up at our FB-group, for your viewing pleasure. Included: lots of happily drunk, dancing people, a Kikka album and a few very gay-ish dj's strutting their stuff around.

And now, something I've wanted to share with y'all for a while. When Chyde from Mestarisoundi played a recorded live set from George Clinton last Monday, I remembered I should post this one here. (You can listen to his Mestarisoundi on Yle Areena)

I feel I definately should do this since I've taken my dj-name partly after George Clinton's other band.

So it's a documentary about the Parliament-Funkadelic era and the way it inspired the musicians then and later on. It can be found here, aprox. 53 minutes. It's good quality, very recommended.

I could go on and on about the different parts of of his persona and music that still inspire me. It's not only that he and the players of his musical projects have spawned the music that I like the most - you really couldn't imagine gangsta rap without the Bernie Worrell synths -, but also the inspirational feeling of making a very intellectual rebellion a whole lot of fun. From the totally-out-there dresses to the vocal jokes and to the jamming nature of the band play it feels more like party I wanna get into and less like your regular rock artist that you just admire from a distance. I love how it's a collective, boundlessly imaginative and wholly a playful thing. (Even if I disagree with George Clinton's views about disco music) I just hear his songs or see him in an interview and I feel cool and inspired in a way.

Of course, deep down in it is a dream about "a better place". This has to be one of my favorite videos, it gives me chills how the atmoshpere starts to transform from around 3:30.

When the mothership is coming, you better be ready to ride.
- Pefletto Funk

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