Sample connection # 1

Still a bit tired from the weekend. Saturday was a blast, thanks for everyone who filled the Dynamo upstairs dancefloor. Photos will come, hopefully soon.

Jumping on the subject, here's a new thing I wanna try with this blog. A lot of blogshpere dj's are already doing sample spotting, so it's really nothing new. But I've always been really fascinated with edits, remixes and other interpretations of older songs - the way older music lives on, in an altered form. (Maybe I'll write later a longer post about my ideas of fair and unfair sample use)

The first sample connection one is quite well known. It involves two great artists who died recently, Michael Jackson and J. Dilla. The track is of course Q-Tip's Move from his latest album. Check the video, it's dope.


Samples from:

Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine

The sample Dilla used is the very small part, right from the start of the original. He just takes the good intro and let's it glide and chops some soulful vocals into it. Pretty surefire dancefloor filler.

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