Pump up the volume

I'm back from sunny southern Sweden and preparing for tonight's Disko WTF?!-gig @ Dynamo upstairs. Come and join if you're in town, our balearico disco selection fits the long hot summer nights like a glove.

I posted a while back that I wanted to share some information about the music that influenced me/us. So here's one decent documentary about house music's evolution from disco to house, from house to techno and so on. I think most of you have already seen it, since it's been floating around the internets for a while, but again maybe some of you haven't. And since dance music has always been very conscient of it's past - in form of sampling, references etc. - so it's quite fundamental to know the basics.

So here's the first part of the Pump up the volume, the rest can be found in the related videos section.


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