9 minutes well spent...

...while listening to this.

Apparently a B-side to this well known disco classic. I heard this yesterday whilst flipping through record crates and I just had to tap my feet and shake my upper body (hope no one noticed), such a greatly infectuous song! I know Ripatti has this one on wax, will be definately played on our sets.

Ps. Just how many great acts are associated with the Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band? Aside Don Armando, there's at least Kid Creole with the Coconuts and Coati Mundi.

- P-Funk


  1. This is the B-SIDE??!?!?
    I mean I'm an indian too is one of the gratest songs ever, but this, a B-side? MUST HAVE!


  2. That's what I call a supermaxi single. A must have now even more when I learned that it's the one with a proper, long version of the song.