Dam-Funk Megapost

I said a few days back that I would supply everyone with a neat link package to get easily acquinted with Dam-Funk. So here's a link-filled post with a list of good Dam-Funk interviews/articles I know. It's an update from a previous set I posted on dj Ionik's FB-group. Support good music, support good music journalism.


Dam-Funk @ XLR8R
D-F @ Pitchfork
D-F @ Carhartt


Radio in Amsterdam
Funknotix interview - from like from the half onwards


Second part is on the related videos section.

Nothing's real in L.A. (english version) from laszlo colombani on Vimeo.

Check out also issue 64 of Fader, L.A. Record has also a story. If someone has more D-F stuff we should know about, feel free to post on comments. Will be very much appreciated.

Joining Dam-Funk as a fan on Facebook is recommended, he posts frequently about new songs, gigs and influences. I'll leave you with this, a video of the artist jamming. That's how the magic happens...

Doing a Megapost on Daniel Wang is also on the agenda. I actually heard Todd Terje is also coming to Finland, and I've been digging material on him also. Maybe I'll do a post in his honor, too!

- P-Funk

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