Mix Week: Monday

Yeah, I know it's already Tuesday, but let's kick it off anyway. I'll be hosting a mix week here on our blog which will mean I'll post a different mix I love each day of the week. I'll drop some wisdom about why each mix is included and of course some info on the dj.

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The first entry has to be special and this one really is. It's from a canadian dj/radio show host/producer called U-Tern. The dude runs a massively influential weekly radio show called One Day Later (a definite listen and very recommended, especially if you're a dj). He has also done some disco-house-ish remixes for Britney Spears (!!!), Three Six Mafia and Busta Rhymes. Go check his myspace for remixes etc.

Why did I choose this mix to start the Mix Week? First, this was one the first mixes I stumbled upon when I started to get to know the whole internet mix thing. This mix was recommended on the influential Finnish dj's forum in 2007, which has been one of my main sources for new good mixes.

In this mix Dj U-Tern does what a good dj does. He makes a unique whole from parts that are loaned from different sources - makes a sum that's more than the parts. He basically plays very well known classical 80's boogie stuff, but in small samples - there's like 60 tracks in this mix!!! - that fit together perfectly. He knows exactly what parts of the songs he likes and goes straight from one magnificient break to another. He doesn't beat match or really scratch, but when you know as well as he does what song goes well with another, you don't really need to show off... It's amazing how smooth and effortless this is, it all makes so much sense together even if you already know or have all the records he's playing. ALSO, play close attention to the sound samples he uses: the dude wants to say something about dj'ing in that level too.

I'm just re-listening to it now, so amazingly dope. No question. I really love this 80's smooth stuff, it's definately my soft spot.

I'll do the Tuesday Mix later today, tune in...

- P-Funk

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