Mix Week: Tuesday

Going forward with the mix series. Today's mix comes from a new hero of mine: Lee Douglas. It all went down like this: I read from a forum that he was coming to Finland a few weekends back. This mix was linked to the promo message. I downloaded it and took it with me to jogging. I instantly fell for it, and heaped praise on it at the Interwebs.

The problem was that Lee Douglas had already performed his gig the night before I got the news. So I was bit bummed, until I suddenly read from the same dj forum that he actually decided to stay in Finland AND also come to play at my home town. So - needless to say - I had to be there. When I arrived he was already behind the decks, some fantastic obscure disco was booming from the speakers and people were going crazy on the d-floor. I for one had amazing time, jacking all over the dancefloor and experiencing definitely one of the top gigs I've experienced. I actually had to have a "OMG-Fan"-moment with him and take a photo together after the gig.

But here's the mix that actually got my attention:

(No tracklist available, but hit me at Facebook or at comments - I know some of the songs there)

The mix is apparently all edits from Douglas himself. It starts with few slower tracks that set the mood. After that it starts to build up steam, slowly but steadily. I love suggestive lyrics and the third/fourth track with it's "let's get the rhytm in the hips"-chant-alongs won me over. I was definitely going where he wanted to take me and what a weird disco trip it is: there's definately the certain loosening-up and dancing until you feel gracious/graceful feel to it. How could I describe it... let's say it's so much FUN. No posing, no songspotting, no dj egos - just danceable, laughable, silly FUN. In the end it reaches such a thankful mood, amazing stuff.

Listen to it, do yourself a favor. Tomorrow, another mix. I'll leave you with a Lee Douglas original:

- P-Funk

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