Mix Week: Wednesday

It's pouring outside and I feel like staying in for the whole day. I felt like posting something more deep and atmospheric, but ended up on the opposite end: today's mix will probably be the most poppy and sugary of the lot.

Today's mix comes from the man behind Sally Shapiro's music: Johan Agebjorn. He is actually a multitalented electronic music composer - Sally is just one of his projects - and quite a nice dude, too. I had the pleasure of meeting him a while back to do an interview. Check out his website for more info. (And if you're interested in the latest Sally Shapiro record, buy the latest Basso Magazine. I reviewed it there)

Download here

A lot of people diss the style of music this mix is all about. It goes straight to the pop jugular with massively catchy choruses, airy and energetic beats and pure emotion. There is very little buildup or "serious musical beauty" - but hey, who needs that when you have this kind of exctatic sugary high right to your main vein? I really do feel that commonplace alternative/indie norms for the "dark, lyrically beautiful and touching music" are VERY limiting. I mean, life is pretty short, why not listen to plastic pop that's silly, fun and "too full of emotion" too? I mean, I eat a lot of candy too, even thought I'm a grown man.

Nuff with the rambling. I got to confess that I actually send a message to Sally Shapiro on Myspace a few years back and asked her to come to Finland for a gig. I think she actually replied and declined politely. I think I had the hots for her, or something. I guess most of us shy music fans did back then when Disco Romance was out.

I'll leave you with a Johan remix that I've been feeling a lot. Have a good day, indoors or outdoors.

If you feel this mix, there's another one Johan made for Fact Magazine. Ask for the link, and I'll hook you up!

- P-Funk

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