The music is the message

It's always good to start a blog post about communication between a dj and audience with a referential post title only a handful will get.

I wonder this a lot: what do people get out of these songs I post here and what do they get when we play our records in a club? I mean, we really are playing some disco and house records that used to have really big significance back then for the dancers who were seeking to dance/jack away their worries and find some kind of safe haven in the socially mixed dancefloor. People tend to say disco/house records aren't saying anything, but they're taking them out of their context. On the dancefloor they meant a lot, a possibility to enjoy freely your body outside the restraints of oppressive and depressive world.

I'm by no means saying I would personally totally get what the songs we pump are seriously_really_about. And of course the times have changed, too. Still, quite an interesting question. Here's Greg Wilson telling about the old times.

These must be some of the themes the late night radio djs are also wondering. "Is there anybody listening? Are they getting something out of this music?"

- P-Funk

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