Sample connection # 2 (or # 3)

Can't remember which one this one is, it's been that long since I last wrote about this.

So, to remind what this Sample connection hustle is all about: I'm posting songs that sample another. As I said earlier, sampling is just one of the ways to keep old music alive. Of course, there's always good and bad ways to sample.

I guess this one is more like a bad example of sample use. Toney Lee's classic gives the vocals to Phats & Smalls' tasteless club cut.

Toney Lee - Reach Up

Soulful, uplifting, smooth. That's one amazing voice.

Phats & Small - Turn around

I find both the song and video rather boring. Why did you have to take the soul out of the original tune? I heard it also features another sample, from this. (The Change song might sound familiar because it was in turn sampled by Janet Jackson a while back)

- P-Funk

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