Tomorrow: Arthur Russell Wild Combination @ Bar Kuka

Yeah, sorry for the low update period, I'm superbusy with work/studies. But here's something all my Turku cats NEED to know.

We're hosting a Arthur Russell themed evening at Bar Kuka. The main event will be the screening of Wild Combination, a documentary of Arthur Russell at 9.00. After and before that, we'll play NY disco, weird avantgarde stuff and some folksy songs as well to commemorate different sides of Arthur. Come join, free as usual.

Here's the trailer.

And here's our poster.

And here's the Facebook event for all the cats who wanna network.

I'll catch up with some post later on this weekend, when I get time.

Ps. Last weekend's gigs went down real well. Ripatti was really feeling the Friday and he told me it was one of the best. Thanks everyone for making it happen.

- P-Funk

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