"Best lover 50 miles around"

One thing I love about (euro)disco is it's kitchsiness. I've noticed that I've especially drawn to old erotic disco with sexy moans, clumsy metaphors and singing about lovemaking. Oh, the careless 70's when people started to discover their right to take pleasure in their body, and not just freak it up sexwise for reproductive means. A big time for gay liberation, too.

A lot of people expect their music to deal with sexuality with irony and distance. And a lot of people poke fun at the explicit corporal aspect of disco lust. But I have found the erotic disco somewhat inspiring, and not only in a detached, comic sense. I mean, shouldn't expressing your love/lust be a little bit fun for the participants too? And this definately is. (I hope I'm getting this message somewhat through)

"Cause the love / the love I will give you / Is sweeter than anything else in the world.
Sweeter - than anything else / In this world / Sweeter - really sweet
I am a love machine in town / The best you can get / 50 miles around."

Love the straight face he puts up. And yeah, who knew he comes from Germany...

- P-Funk

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