Disco overdose

Here's a little confession: I've been overdosing on music since I was 18 or something. I've never really kept the thing under control since, listening music nearly all the time I've been awake. Of course, for me, music genres have come and go. Last year or so, I've been drawn more and more to disco - which seems to be the trend in modern dance music in general, as well.

And what is really strange: suddenly this music, a music that is nowhere near to being recognized as something other than a funny fad that your parents went through before settling down, seems like an endless well of good tracks. Every week I discover a few amazingly constructed, rhythmically sound and incredibly humorous/touching songs. It was a weird era, all the amazing jazz and soul players coming together to make extremely functional and liberating music. Of course, a lot of campy watered down pop with a disco beat was produced too, but you really can't play crappy stuff like that to a dancefloor. Maybe a dancefloor didn't make the distinctions between where the music came from, but it certainly did regarding to how good and danceable it was - if you feel it then you dance, simple as that, no excuses, no reasoning how respectable the artist was. People think doing disco gave a free pass to do crappy stuff with a monotonous beat, but that's faaar from the truth.

Here's a little rundown of late disco-veries:

And this last I just had to include here, for all the haters:

Have a good and productive week everyone!

- P-Funk

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