Time of the season

It's all dark and kinda coldish up here in Finland, and I feel like doing pretty much nothing else than just fortifying myself in my little apartment and using this time to educate myself. There's very little reason to go outside, so what is left for me is charging some batteries and training myself for better, sunnier times.

Luckily, I found this little treasure cave of material. It's a site of Red Bull Music Academy video lectures. Here's the link.

I did know that Red Bull had this music academy thing, but I never knew how througout and vast it was. I mean, they do have pretty amazing amount of legendary dj's, producers, dance-oriented singers and even rappers speaking quality stuff about their art and the changing dj/dancemusic scene. The technical side is a bit rough, but the interviewers seem to know their stuff. If you have extra time on your hands, I recommendend taking a look. (And no, this is not an advertisement for the energy drink, I don't drink those)

One of the countless highlights so far has been seeing the legendary I-F (of Intergalactic FM/Cybernetic Broadcasting System fame) getting real excited about this little disco track - which seems to suprise some of the quests of the lecture. (Here's a video of him dropping the same track at a gig :D)

So go check that out, if at all interested in dance/dj/urban music.

- P-Funk

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