Documentary time

I stumbled upon a few good documentaries recently. Peep these out if you're interested and have the luxury of time. Top BBC quality, The British definitely know how to document (and sell) their musical history.

This one's about synthesizers and how they came about in the British music in the 70's, and they became popular during the 80's.

This one's about Krautrock and about the sociohistorical background the German artists lived in.

Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany from self-titled on Vimeo.

And to top it all of, here's a small interview/documentary on the "nu-disco scene" that's bubbling up in the underground. A lot of the most famous dj's/producers are interviewed. Didn't know this was the year of disco, but apparently it is.

Take care, y'all. And thanks for everyone who joined our FB-group to show support - over 200 people seems quite amazing. Very much appreciated.

- P-Funk

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