Entering the Soundcloud era

Those who have been keeping a close eye on our FB-page know that we've been having difficulties at getting our edits and dj-mixes available. We have posted the edit package twice to mediafire where the link has been dead for no apparent reason.

After looking to find a solution, we found soundcloud. It's a neat song-listening netsite where people can host, listen and comment on songs. It's pretty commonly used in the disco dj community to share and test demos of their songs, and we've found a good deal of amazing songs from those pages.

So, to solve the problem with our edits disappearing to the abyss we call internets - it's a series of tubes, u know - we put up a DISKO WTF?! soundcloud page. Disco Risto will keep it up-to-date with some demos/edits. We'll probably have to sort out a place for longer mixes, since there's a limit of minutes you can keep up at soundcloud. A few older ones are hosted at Ripatti's Diesel U-music page.

Let's try if I can put one of Ripatti's edits here:

Big Black Cow (v2) by Disko WTF?!

If you happen to feel like wanting some of our older mixes or edits, don't hesitate to contact, and we'll try to supply them.

- P-Funk

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