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I've been listening to a little more of rap lately. I'm still pretty much busted in terms of personal economy, but luckily I've found some dope mixtapes and freebies artists wanted to share, and also dug into the rap medias around here in Finland.

The first rap freebie comes from Raekwon, who is part of the legendary, unfuckwithable Wu-tang Clan. (I think most of you know this). The lesser known fact is that the Wu-collective is still qualitywise one of the dopest groups around. People seem to forget how talented and hungry MC's Ghost, Method Man, Raekwon etc. can be in their, what, like 40s.

A few quick notes: I can't get my head around why OB4CL II didn't get a decent distribution. I know a friend who died to get a promo copy, but couldn't. And now it's getting rave reviews, but still people have to go and get it from Amazon or something. How fucking lost are the records labels to not get a proper marketing for such a hyped up album?

Other note: I can't get my head around either why Ghostface didn't feature on this Wu track. I love his art and everything, but I mean, this shit means a lot for the older Wu-heads. And this one video was pretty sad to see, even if I pretty much agree with him.

Anyways, Raekwon did a mixtape prior to the OB4CLII release. Get the Cuban Revolution mixtape here.

Second one is pretty fresh. It's from a younger Finnish rap dude called OlliPA, known best for this little UG hit. He put his debut album available for download. Cop it here.

And yeah here's a little list for those Finnish fans who wanna get inside the rapgame. There aren't that many outlets out here, but the ones that going around, but they are of pretty high quality: Mestarisoundi, Syvällä Pelissä, Basso, Redrum-187. (I hope I remembered all, hit me up with a comment if I missed something)

- P-Funk

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