100 blog posts !!!

Yeah, time to pop bottles and celebrate for the one hundred milestone.

Lemme wax poetic for a minute to sum up this year: All in all, it's been a dope, but hard year for us. We kinda went for the jugular when we kick started this dj collective. Some of you may know we booked the whole club thing before we had ever played together. So the first months just went with learning a whole lot about each other and learning how to rock the decks. Akahiljane put it way back then in these mots justes "It's like group sex, first little awkward and embarrassing, but great fun too". We got mad internet hype in the first months, which might not have been that good an idea. We have a saying here in Finland about climbing to a three ass first... Anyways, for a few months now I've been feeling our sets coming together with much more confidence and definitely feeling that we are able to give something back to the dancing crowd (of course, for all the internet folks too). In the last few months we've been upping our edit game, and new mixes are on the way. I finally have got the time and possibilites to do some half-ass mixes, so watch out for those.

Anyways, here's our little gift to you: a Youtube video and an updated, 100-strong Spotify-playlist.

Good Holidays for everyone,
- P-Funk

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