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You might have noticed the little button on the right side of this blog called Dropbox. Lemme break it down for you: It's an application for all the artists/edit-makers/remixers/producers to share music with each other. Basically you just select a music file (mp3's over 320, WAV's recommended if you want it to be played in a club's soundsystem) you want us to hear, and maybe play in our sets/mixes, and send it to our Soundcloud account where we can prelisten and download it. You can fill in a lot of info about yourself and about the track, a bit like writing a promo letter to accompany a CD sent to a journalist.

It's quite a common way to promote dj music these days. You just go and drop your new track to a few select dj's/bloggers/radio show hosts who might like it - and if they like it they'll pump it out to a larger audience. We frequently play edits and songs from unknown, unhyped artists that we've dug out from the webs.

If any questions, hit me at comments.

PS. The edit from the promo video is now up for grabs at our Soundcloud.

- P-Funk

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