Use your Imagination

I just picked up a copy of Tiger & Woods 12 inch which included an awesome edit of this song. I realized I hadn't yet blogged about these dudes. It's weird, cuz I get totally in heat when listening to or even thinkin about them. I don't know if it's the exact summarization of my musical taste, but it's pretty close - especially the Body Talk LP is excellent.

The list of exhilaratingly amazing things these dudes have:
- glitzy wardrobe, which jockstraps
- guys dancing
- sexyness, mystique and atmoshpere
- dope ass basslines and drums
- out-there falsetto
- a total esthetique that's probably as anti-rock as it gets

Check these out too:
Here's an interview with the lead singer.
And another one.

- P-Funk

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