Faux Pas is an Australian dude, and last year he released this 4 song Waterfalls EP for free. I bumped into it via Discodelicious.

Very emotional, danceable synth folk. Yup, there's some folk flavors there. Recommended for all the Animal Collective, Cut Copy-lovers out there.

And speaking of Australian music, you should keep an eye out for these as well:

Piuuu-piuuu goes the spacesound. A Tensnake remix is promised, so quite a no-brainer. Should be out soon.

And do check Canyons out as well. I've heard a new remix by them that's gonna be quite a killer on the all-important indie scene.

And to top it all of, here's a recent Finnish 12-incher that's making big waves. They'll perform in the next Hitto-night, so put that in your calendars. BTW, I tried to get a white label promo of this one for ages, but to no avail. Hopefully the final release will land in Turku, too.

Take care,
- P-Funk

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