Bday coming up

27th of this month is the time, place is Dynamo upstairs. It will be a blast.

It will start our new scheme for this year: bringing guest dj's to spice things up. The first one is none other than Ais-T of Music People fame. He has been one of our top supporters along the first years and a huge influence on my musical taste.

We are trying to do something else for that night too: a communal mixtape of sorts. That's why we ask YOU to records something - acapellas, shoutouts, drunken babble - and send it to us via dropbox on the right. We'll use all the stuff you kind people send us and make a mixtape with all that.

Everyone participating in that will get a physical copy of the record and little something else, too...

Oh yeah, I can't get this one out of my head:

Have a good week,
- P-Funk

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