Tom Moulton- time

Me and Ripatti have our hands full on getting some gigs this spring. So far it's looking like pretty good, I think we are headed to the situation we want to be in.

We'll update all gig info on our Facebook-site. And I'll put them up here, too.

Jumpin' on subjects, here's some dope interviews with the guy who invented the 12 inch format we dj's love today and remixed a big bunch of my favorite tunes:


Interview 1
Interview 2
Interview 3

Knock yourself out and get educated. Big shout outs to the journalists behind those, they are done mostly for passion since journalism on dj culture is NOT the most lucrative of fields of knowledge...

And yeah, here's a one been feeling from Tom.

All the best for y'all.
- P-Funk

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