Like stars shining

Disco videos are seldom dull. Most of them were made in the glitzy late 70's when everyone went disco, with very little self-criticism, so the results are usually pretty hilarious from today's stand point of view. Here's three video takes whose glamour time has ripped apart, loosely lumped together by the theme of flying and stars.

I just had to include this one in. Wade Nichols aka Dennis Parker was an adult entertainment performer and a regular actor who went disco with Casablanca Records. The song is actually quite good (and has been recycled numerous times), but the video is even better. There's so much feeling in his mustached performance, look at him wave around and claim the skies!

Dee D. Jackson's Automatic Lover videos usually have a soft focus lens Barbara Walters would be proud of. This video is all dreamy fantasy, even if some suggest it's a song about vibrators... Anyways, look at the pants of that robot, he's packing a hefty personal robot tool in there. The main vocal melody works really well. BTW, the Finnish cover of this is in demand, so be very happy if you happen to have a copy.

This is rather bizarre. Apparently it's a disco choreographed version of the main Star Wars theme and the Mos Eisley canteen tune. Not one but four Darth Vader's doing spins to a disco beat - win.

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- P-Funk

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