So let it be house

(That's Obama chillin' with house music hero Frankie Knuckles.)
This Sunday's house is on the house. I found not one but two good house mixes to share this time. The first one comes from the Holy Moly DJ's, and it's all Mike Dunn. (Great concept for a mix!). Some of you might know Mike from Phreaky MF (which samples this classic). So on that Soundcloud player is a good introduction to his other work in form a smooth mix. Lots of my dj friends have been quite enthusiastic about that mix, so I thought you should get a share of it as well. If you want to educate yourself further on the legendary producer/dj, check out these interviews: in print and on radio.

  I Walks With God - special Mike Dunn mix by Holy Moly DJs

The other house mix comes from Pepeto, who I already featured on this blog. His latest mix is good selection of classic 89-90 (acid) house tunes, with excellent hip house vibes. Kudos!

Pepeto - Chicago House Music 
01. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk - I Need A Friend 
02. Pleasure Zone - Fantasy 
03. Curtis Mc Claine & On The House - Let's Get Busy (Dub) 
04. Suburban Boyz - Insane 
05. Mike Dunn f/ Gershon Jackson - Born 2 B Houze 
06. Kool Rock Steady - Dance Or Die 
07. Ben Mays - Rated X (BamBam's Club Mix) 
08. Pierre's Phantasy Club - 20 Below 
09. Maurice Joshua - I Gotta Big Dick 
10. DJ Pierre - Box Energy 
11. Debrice King - The House Controls My Body 
12. Armando - 151 
13. Bam Bam - Where's Your Child? 
14. James "Jack Rabbit" Martin - Rabbit Trax 
15. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk - Bass Lives On

We are also planning a house documentary night here in Turku, so keep a lookout for that. Hopefully we can fit it in somewhere this summer. 

- P-Funk 

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