Promo mix out + Info on our festival gigs

At last.

So, we are heading to two festival gigs in the next two weekends. The first is Turku Modern - highly anticipated dj-based festival we are extremely happy to play in - and the second will be Ilmiö where we will be playing at a boat that takes the festival goers to the event place. Very cool place to play indeed and the actual festival is packed with amazing list of artists for a very low price. Very recommended.

Next Friday's Turku Modern schedules are already out and our gig can be experienced between Finnish legends Lauri Soini and Roberto Rodriguez at Bar Blanko. We start at 00.15 and go on for an hour and 15 minutes. We are looking forward to this more than anything and it does feel like a huge recognition for the effort we've put into this whole thing. We will be bringing our best and classic songs with something special on the side. So hope you can come to celebrate this milestone with us.

I did a promo mix for the Ilmiö festival. I've talked about this mix for a while, and I finally got around to do it and now the sound quality isn't always the best. It's not the files that are bad, but my dj software couldn't handle the mixing :(. Anyways, good tracks and some nice switches. Two Chris Rea tracks for a finish!

  Disko WTF promo mix for Ilmiö 2010 by Peflettofunk (Disko WTF)

Tracklist for the mix:

Studio - Life's a beach!
Regina - Näinä mustina iltoina (Schmamix)
Cole Medina - Love You Inside Out (The Pinches Mix)
No Requests - Be Thankful for my Gangsta Lean
CFCF - Invitation to Love
The Orb - Fluffy Clouds (ByDesign edit)
Mungolian Jetset - Glitches N Bugs (Awaiian Spaces Version)
The Bangles - Dub Like an Egyptian (Todd Terje version)
10cc - Dreadlock Holiday (Arsenii edit)
No Requests - When the Suon shouts
Studio - Life's a beach! (Prins Thomas remix)
Junior Boys - Under the Sun
Chris Rea - Josephine (Nick Thayer Edit)
Chris Rea - On the Beach (Todd Terje Remix)

- P-Funk

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