Incoming tomorrow

Tomorrow it's time to take the Dynamo upstairs again. This time we are bringing not one, but two friends. We wanted to give a chance to take on the Dynamo dancefloor to a new disco dogs, so this is their chance. They're probably way better when I started up there, but I'd say everyone is.

Dj Johnny D is a local new cat who bangs a radio show on Zoom FM. He did a cool set on a warehouse party where we played too, and we decided to give the mixmaster a green light.

The other one is Antti Juuso from Helsinki. He does a monthly club MBar and when we visited there twice we were taken by the length and depth of his boogie, disco and electro selections. What a better time to let him loose on a decent dancefloor?

All night it's free - don't mind the small line on the poster. I think I feel like playing some very cool disco cuts to warm the night up the young fellows. We might drop some Top 10's soon, so keep an eye out for those. I'll link mine here on the blog.

Facebook warmup party here.

See ya tomorrow. It's my payday by the way, so expect something special...

- P-Funk 

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