Lifestyle lessons

I'm knee deep in work and studying, so just a quick blog post: I did get to see DJ Harvey - one of the legendary dj's still around and top of their game - do his balearic thing on Flow Festival, and this was one of the songs he played. A good lesson in lifestyle if you listen closely to the words... well, maybe not!

I think Ripatti has been playing this one for a while, I remember him doubting about dropping it on a rock bar where we were dj'ing, way back when we we're starting this whole thing out.

If you can see DJ Harvey, do it. He's not too keen to do mixes or anything, so live dj sets is the thing. For the Finnish readers, there's already some talk of bringing him back here, so keep your fingers crossed... Anyways, if you want to chill it out with cool balearic mix, check out Daniele Baldelli's mixes. He was the one of the guys behind the whole cosmic disco thing. Check a good in-depth interview with the Italian legend here and an inspiring mix down below:

  (baia sound) Afro Baia Degli Angeli (Remember 77'78)Mix By Baldelli Mozart by astamblan

And yeah, DWTF gig coming up next Friday - more info soon come. I've been listening to a few dope Finnish dj's mixes, so I'll put a link to those as well.
- P-Funk

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